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Leslie Irvin, an American, was in the pre -WWII years a parachutist and aviation entrepreneur. It was Leslie Irvin who designed the parachute "Ripcord" system, and as a result became the first "Free fall" parachutist.

As aircraft flew at ever increasing altitudes, pilots and aircrew were subject to ever lowering temperatures, Leslie Irvin, realising the need for warm and comfortable clothing for aircrew designed and manufactured a flying jacket to meet all their requirements.

The result was the now legendary Irvin Flying Jacket.
In 1926 Leslie Irvin established his manufacturing Company in England, and became the supplier of IRVIN flying jackets to the Royal Air Force during the Battle of Britain and most of World War II. So great was the demand by aircrew during the early War years that the IRVIN company engaged sub-contractors to assist with the manufacture of flying jackets, which explains the slight variations of design and colour, which can be seen in early production IRVIN flying jackets. By the end of World War II, the IRVIN jacket had been phased out by the Royal Air Force. Despite this, the IRVIN jacket remained a firm favourite amongst aircrew until long after the war. Even today examples of early production IRVIN jackets are still worn by pilots of vintage aircraft, testimony to the quality of the jacket and Leslie IRVIN's design.

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