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Only mechanical rally instruments are allowed for some seriuos classic regularity road rally's organised under the F.I.V.A. regulations As the original mechanical tripmeters are very scares and very expensive the Belmogtwin is developed to suit the F.I.VA. regulations. 5 Years ago the first Belmogtwin did not have all the historic Halda Twinmaster functions but as a historic rally competitor, I kept on developing the instrument and now the Belmogtwin MK II has all the important functions for historic rally navigation.

For regularity rally's always two counters are needed. One counter is used for the intermediate distance to calculate the distance between road instructions, the second counter is needed to calculate your average speed over an indicated section. The instructions can be given in the roadbook by a lot of different indications. Some organisers do not hesitate to let you go twice around the same roundabout and it is therefore necessary to have a distance counter which can give you the exact distance up to 10 metres or yards. This is possible with the Belmogtwin which can be calibrated to every car by changing the calibration cogwheels, same procedure as with the 'old historic' rally instruments. It is therefore very important to have the Belmogtwin in time to have some 'training' runs.

People who are starting there first rally are very often disappointed just because they do mistakes caused by last moment 'hectic' preparations. Rally instruments are all delicate instruments but very often used in aggressive conditions. Temperatures on the dashboard of a car can vary from -15°c to +70°c not forgetting the unbelievable vibrations and shocks in a car. And worst of all are nervous rally teams…As I rally driver I know it is difficult to keep in mind that it is just for the fun….and I am lucky to say that I am already competing for over 30 years in all sorts of rally's with over 100 cups to prove it. Manufacturer of the Belmogtwin Hedwig Rodyns


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