A0960 Chapal model 1914 ete cotton inside. sheepskin collar removable.

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Ever since the creation of its first tannery in the Creuse district in 1832, CHAPAL and their actors have always proved to be dynamic, innovative and creative.

Let's not forget that at the end of the 19th century CHAPAL already owned several factories in the world, one of which in Brooklyn. The company ranked at that time among the biggest French exporters, its founders have been the first passengers of the fabulous transatlantic.crossings. In order to take part in the war effort of 1914 CHAPAL have made the overalls and flying jackets for the French pilots and transformed their tanneries for assembling the cradles of 75 mm gun carriage.

In the technical field : CHAPAL have perfected patents still in use nowadays. The most famous one is the plastic coating on leather, which entered the legend of the US Army with the famous B3 bomber jacket. In the public relations : CHAPAL have built in 1963 a circuit called « Le Mas du Clos » to welcome their customers and car lovers. Beforehand, CHAPAL were starting a communications strategy.

At the end of the 19th century CHAPAL manufactured fur hats with the hair of rabbit-skin. In the 50's CHAPAL got closer to sports-car events and made helmets and visors for the racing pilots. CHAPAL were also present at the Winter Olympic Games in 1968. Later in 1990, CHAPAL created shirts and jump-suits for horse-riding world champion Eric Navet. In the fashion field, stylists chose CHAPAL to select their colours and leather quality. And for 20 years, CHAPAL have produced all Christian Dior prêt-à-porter for fur and leather department. When in 1982, in order to celebrate one century and a half of existence, CHAPAL decided to sell all the items they had made in the past, the order was given for 100% CHAPAL : creation, tannery, and all making process were to be done inside CHAPAL company. Today, the production unit has been established on the site of the origins, in the centre of France. There, is being tanned, dyed and finished, the most authentic leather, with irregular shades, which show signs of age. Even our decoration advertising medium are manufactured in our inner workshop. Absolutely all clothes and accessories are cut, assembled on our site by women and men who have received the best training in respect of tradition. This place is rare, not to say exceptional nowadays in France. Each item of CHAPAL collection has a link with the past. Some of which are so obsolete that they become fashion phenomena. The object becomes a cult, a scarce piece that one longs to acquire. Such a rarity and identity make of CHAPAL a Name of prêt-à-porter and intimist luxury.

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