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R359 OFF ROAD 4x4 RALLY COMPUTER L100 Tripmeter RC multifunction L-100


Tripmeter RC multifuncion L-100 is a high precision, light tripmeter designed for rallies. Tripmeter is equipped with an easily readable display which concurrently shows all the parameters. Operations through nine buttons are intuitive and fast. The buttons are permanently assigned to the most important functions.

Tripmeter RC multifunction L-100 displays and measured the values roads, speed, voltage, the course. Tripmeter is designed for any type of rally. In conjunction with waypoint routing function is designed for off-road rallies.

Tripmeter has a lightweight plastic case. The case does not provide protection against water.

Similar instrument with full water & dust protection also available.  


The tripmeter is equipped with ultra-fast GPS module supporting up to 66 channels. The module assists in or is fully responsible for the tripmeter route calculation. Due to this manner of functioning the tripmeter can be connected only to a power source. 

The tripmeter has two independent inputs for connecting conventional speed sensor. To ensure accuracy, the inputs can operate in various configurations:
●    one input with one route counter,
●    one input with one route counter with a backup sensor connected to the second input for a rapid switchover in case of failure,
●    two inputs with two sensors. Tripmeter performs simultaneous measurements from both sensors mounted on the right and left side of the vehicle, which increases the precision of the measurement.

Tripmeter has a built-in mechanism for controlling the technical condition of the sensor. In the case of sensor failure or periodic problems with the sensor, the P1 and P2 LEDs indicate the failure to the pilot.

Metrological values under measurement can be measured in three resolution settings, which also changes the promptness of the fast route correction. Indication resolutions are as follows:

●    TRIP - 1m, ODO - 1m, correction ODO +/-1m or any other with the resolution 1m
●    TRIP - 10 m, ODO - 10m, correction ODO +/-10m or any other with the resolution 10m
●    TRIP - 10 m, ODO  - 100m, correction ODO +/-100m or any other with the resolution 100m

Route counting may be in two directions. The tripmeter can be connected into count back mode (counting backwards).

Tripmeter can work with two independent external reseters.

Parameters measured by the tripmeter can be displayed on the optional repeater connected to tripmeter by bunched cables.

Tripmeter has convenient mounting holes which make it easy to mount in any vehicle.

Functions :

  • built-in GPS1
  • Two independent road counters with the possibility of deleting
  • the maximum road distance - from 99.99 km to 9999.9 km
  • possibility of correcting the long route - fast correction by a pre-set value or by entering any value
  • two independent sensor inputs working in three configurations
  • system of monitoring the route sensors
  • in case of sensors failure, the possibility of switching over to GPS counting1
  • ultra bright displays and backlit buttons
  • digital protection of settings and measurements memory
  • easily readable GPS signalling of status and range1


  • speed indication
  • route (bearings) indication1
  • Indication of voltage in the vehicle network
  • manual or automatic1 calibration
  • memory of up to 10 calibration coefficients
  • the possibility of changing coefficient during measurement
  • optional external repeater
  • possibility of changing the counting direction (forward/backwards)
  • Possibility of updating firmware by USB flash drive memory


AZIMUTH – azimuth routing  on the basis of given distance and destination course


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