IR147 AIFAB GEMINI & fitting kit

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IR147    AIFAB GEMINI  & fitting kit

Three Aifab tripmeter models were available with the same basic functions, all controlled by push buttons:
Zero setting for each counter
Forward and reverse counting on all registers
All digits illuminated indirectly.

Size 166mm X 65mm
Three counters, 2 with 1/100th kilometre or mile and one with 1/10th kilometre or mile sub-division. This instrument has the option of two counters counting up wilts one is counting down.

Over 20 years ago we bought the stock and original tooling from Aifab and we re-started the production of these instruments using the original factory tools.

Now we still can make them on special demand.


Easy fit T gear fitting kit also available  IR155




AIFAB was the name of the company who made mechanical instruments in the 60's and 70's. The Aifab Company was based in Copenhagen Denmark. Not as well known as the Halda's, the Aifab's were and still are a cheaper solution for distance measuring in rally cars. The GEMINI is the most known model as it was used in the Renault Alpine factory team cars. The instruments do not have the 'solid' feeling of a Belmogtwin or Halda but do work and have easy to read figures. As the instruments are completely mechanical they are allowed for historic rallying. Accurate calibration is done by a very easy system of calibration wheels. Aifab originally used their own complicated system for the connection of the drive cable. Belmog now makes it very simple by using a Halda type T gear connection available from stock for any make of post war car. We also can supply a solution for any type of pre war car.

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