IR198A BLIZZ SPEED Professional chronometer

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IR198A    BLIZZ SPEED Professional  chronometer

This was the privious version and now repalce by IR198  BLIZZ C300

For Regularity rallies where you receive the roadbook at least one hour before the start.

This is an instrument that can do a lot of timing things but it needs regular use to remember how to programm. 

SPEED: High precision chronocomputer detecting the progressive theoretical distance to run to keep the imposed average speed.Ten different average speed data can be set separately or in sequence.


- Temperature compensated high precision chronometer

- Clock function with activable beepAverage speed function

1.Setting of average speed from 6 Km/hour to 700 Km/hour with 3 decimals after the comma

2.Setting of corrective ratio with 5 decimals

3.Authomatic count down calculation of time and sound beep every 100 meters run

4.Sound beep setting every 10 meters, 100 meters, 10 and 100 meters simultaneously

5.Counter of theoretical distance run

6.Adaptable to any linear unit (miles, kilometers etc)

- Posssibility of setting up to 10 different speeds , in sequences, computing the overall distance from starting point

- In case of no-zero setting of the car speed counter, possibility of entering the data (Km or miles) displayed on the car speed counter in the Chrono Speed

- High professional “START” switch

- Electrical or manual synchronization

- External plug for additional “START “ switch

- External plug for for cuffs or amplifier

- Large back-lighted display (digits height : 12 mm)

- Backlight can be set from 1 to 99 seconds

- 1000 hours authonomy (with no backlight)

- Pre-detector of discharged cells (100 hours working authonomy left)

- Clock always operating even if the chronometer is switched off

- Powered by 3 standard alcalyne cells

- Software can be updated and modified

- Pure silver internal coating of the chronometer box to upgrade resistance to electromagnetic pollution



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