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IR198B  BLIZZ REMOTE The ergonomic black rubber handle bar grip suitable for small size hands allows the co-driver to start the chronometer with high precision leaving the chronometer duly fixed on the dashboard and as such easily accessible and visible to both driver and co-driver at any time during the race. The Blizz Timing ergonomic external switch is equipped with a high precision switch with a maximum click pressure of 320-420 grams for maximum sensibility, and 1,60 m. quadripolar ...
IR198	BLIZZ C300
IR198	BLIZZ C300
IR198    BLIZZ C300  C-300 is a high precision chronometer specifically engineered for regularity car races. The combination of high precision, versatility, simple usage and easy data entry. C-300 features: Memory storage 256 time values. Possibility of setting up to 128 ability trial times and 128 time controls (hundreths of a second) with count down. Set times are kept in memory after the chronometer is switched off. Sound beep can be activated or deactivated on r ...
IR198A	BLIZZ SPEED Professional  chronometer
IR198A    BLIZZ SPEED Professional  chronometer This was the privious version and now repalce by IR198  BLIZZ C300 For Regularity rallies where you receive the roadbook at least one hour before the start. This is an instrument that can do a lot of timing things but it needs regular use to remember how to programm.  SPEED: High precision chronocomputer detecting the progressive theoretical distance to run to keep the imposed average speed.Ten differe ...
IR198C    BLIZZ BATTERY TEST Blizz Battery Tester is a simple device to check the batteries’ overall condition compared to healthy battery output and to estimate the charge rate and/or the voltage output actually present in the cells inside your Blizz C300 and/or SPEED chronometers. In case batteries have not been used for long periods, it is of utmost importance to check the battery capacity before a car race or a training session. On the photo shown with he Bli ...
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