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IR421	MONIT G 200 gps
IR421    MONIT G200 TRIPMETER   Need a top of the range rally computer with lots of extras like a fuel gauge... (who needs a fuel gauge in a tripmeter???)  Designed for professional competitors who need a product that is powerful, compact and easy to use. As used by the Suzuki WRC team. Interesting when you drive world cup speed rally's...  Not a bad instrument but...probably too complicated for people who just want to enjoy themselves on h ...
IR422    MONIT G 100 GPS ZONDER ANTENNE G-100 With its careful selection of essential features, the Monit G-100 model is the perfect entry-level rally computer for professional speed rally teams. Twin distance counters no average speed calculation We have these instrument and acessories in stock, come to the Belmogshop and test to choose an instrument from the over 40 different makes & models that suits you. We stock  several differen ...
IR423	MONIT Q 20
IR423    MONIT Q 20   Small, clear screen, 2 knobs. Good for speed events! We have this instrument and acessories in stock but. For several functions you need to go to the MENU first...this can cost time that you can't affort on a regularity test...We have over 40 different tripmeters in stock, come and test the instruments 'life' to find out what you prefer. IR425     MONIT WHEEL PROBE IR426     MON ...
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