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The Solution is a average speed calculator of the new generation.  It works in tandem with a VH Tripmaster and allows you, in real time, to know your advance or your delay in comparison with the programmed average.  Very simple to use.

The Solution emits a sonorous signal when you attain the "ideal" time.

The pilot can adjust his speed by listening to the signal.  Very easy to install, just plug it in the connexion on the VH Trip  High LED digits offers perfect visibility day and night. Attention:  This instrument can not work on its own and needs to be connected to a new VHTRIP CLASSIC or a- VHTRIP TWIN (All models)

The Solution brings many advantages:  No more calculation, no need of a average speed table...

Height:  55 mm o Width:  75 mm o Depth:  30 mm -

Unities:  Kms or Miles.

Screen 4 Displays "7 segments" LED "High density"

Programming of the average by wheels thumbwheels.

Button to activate and adjust Buzzer.

Button to start calculation

Button reset average speed wilst driving.

Connection:  The device is connected to the VH Tripmaster by means of a electric cable.  


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