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This instrument is suitable for the beginner to the winner! As a beginner forget all the funktions and switches. Whe only using total distance + intermediate distance + average speed = only 3 switches to remember when rallying.

Count down will switch on automatic when reversing the car ( with a connection the reverse light of the car to the instrument)

  - Total distance display up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99
  - Time of day, stopwatch, speed and average speed
  - Time of day display automatically freezes when the stopwatch is stopped making it easy to check rally officials time
  - Calibrate for miles or km
  - 5 Digit Calibration

   - Two calibration numbers
  - Manually adjustable total distance display. Or fast on FLY distance manipulation
  - Count up and down facility
  - Split (freeze) function
  - LED Display back lighting
  - SIZE 13,7cm x 8,1cm x 2,7cm


  - Optional remote display for speed, interval distance or average speed.
  - Remote diplay showing regularity target speed LED
  - Performance timers
  - Two probe inputs

For more than 20 years we represent TERRATRIP in Belgium. Feeding Terratrip with a lot of usefull info from our rally experiance we help to improve the instruments specialy for our BELMOG CLASSIC RANGE to have the best and most accurate instruments for classic rallying.

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