We acquired our first Morgan in 1972 and are still covering yearly thousands of km’s in a Morgan by using them for daily transport, from three wheelers to +8's. From concourse to racing we have done it, or are still doing it... We are regular competitors on historic F.I.V.A. rally's, using a 1937 Morgan F 2 with some success. See page 132 of Ken Hill's Best of British books.

Over 40 Years of Morgan experience do help us to serve you. We are trying to stay a small business with personal service but our Morgan parts stock is one of the biggest on the European mainland. We drive frequently to Malvern 'home of the Morgans' to collect the orders

A growing number of orignal Morgan parts are no longer available from the Morgan factory... 

We have contact with many suppliers who remake Morgan parts that became obsolete at the factory . Very often these parts are made by the same person who used to work at the factory as they have lost their job or simply left and started a small business where all is manufacturered the same way as they always have done it 'hand made'... 


I entered my first rally as a navigator in 1964…Started as a driver in 1966. After marrying we started rallying again in 1980 with my wife as a navigator. Since then we collected over 300 trophies being sometimes successful, mostly driving a Morgan as rally car. Before we knew rallying a Morgan became Historic rallying. Halda tripmeters became obsolete and I created the mechanical Belmogtwin now longer in production the any Halda model ever was. We like to use our experience to advise our customers in there choice of navigation equipment. You don’t need the most expensive type of equipment to get a good result! 

Electronic rally instruments who have a pre-program system for average speed like Blunik are now no longer allowed by a fast growing number of classic rally organizer's. Therfore we have the Belmog classic 300 and Belmog geotrip 300. These instruments can show instand average speed but can not be pre-programmed and are therefore allowed on most classic rally's !!!

Looking for special part small or big we can probably send it from our stock. For more information please Email, Fax, Phone or why not come and visit us in our exclusive Belmogshop, OPEN DOOR AND FREE DRINKS EVERY Thursday FROM 20H. TO 23H.  

Please note; Visiting customers in the Belmogshop have priority on the phone...When we don't pick up the phone immediately we are probably too busy. Best to e-mail us on belmog@skynet.be

Open by appointment from 10h to 12h, from 14h30 to 18h30

Looking forward to see or hear from you,

Hedwig & Nicole Rodyns. 


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